About the Author

100_2406_2Kate Johnson is a freelance medical journalist. She covers international medical meetings and ongoing medical developments for media outlets like Medscape, and Medpage Today whose content is intended for  physicians and research scientists. She also contributes to the lay media, in publications like The New York Times,  MORE magazine and Allergic Living Magazine.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Kate,

    Thanks for utilizing your writing skills to preserve the memory and eulogize the air passenger’s passing. Your event documentation may prompt better preparation and handling of onboard cardiac arrests in the future, helping someone else. I’m an ER MD, and would be happy to communicate with anyone who cares to do so. God is always in full control; we can only do what is possible with the resources available, God being our Helper and the Ultimate Determiner of life. Friend me if you will.

  2. Kate I just read your account for NY Times of the in-flight medical emergency you and your daughter experienced. It was an amazing account and one I appreciate very much. Your last line was particularly poignant for the experience and speaks volumes about our culture around death and dying, often at a loss for words.

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