Infertility is Many Losses

December 31, 2009                                                                  Also published on iVillage:

By Kate Johnson

“There is a residue of experience in life that continues to shape us long after the actual experience has ended. We stretch and grow and learn a lot while living through it. Then we learn a little more after we’ve had some distance. We carry from such experiences indelible memories, and if it was a particularly bad experience there’s usually some unfinished business.”

So writes Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos in her book Silent Sorority the story of her journey through infertility, and finally her coming to terms with childlessness. At 46, Pamela is two years older than me. Like me, she is coming to the end of her reproductive years, which for both of us were scarred by infertility treatments and failures.

I have never met Pamela, but she contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to read her book. I doubt she knew my story.

Over my years of infertility I have honed my journalistic skills into an expertise in reproductive medicine – writing for both physicians and the public. But I rarely write about my personal battle.Read More »